Upon the customer’s request, the machine can be equipped with a device that, in the event of one or more bottles having a defect, can remove the defective items from the main belt and deposit them on a second ejection belt.
That is why Nortan has developed a star, named ejection star, that functions by the vacuum technology.
A suction cap is mounted on each side of the star and is joined to a retractable support by a rotor designed to guarantee long lasting and reliability of the system. A vacuum is distributed onto the specific suction cap exactly when the defective bottle enters the collection area so that the bottle is stabilized during its removal from the belt. The bottle is released when it is on the ejection belt and the return spring forces the suction cap to detach itself.
This system can be applied on any machine after the capsule distributor or at the end of the machine after the output star of the last turret.