With this new rolling head, Nortan has improved greatly the capsule rolling system by eliminating the principles of elastics and springs that, up to now, have been at the basis of standard rolling systems.
Thanks to a particular pneumatic actuator contained within the external body of the head, the force that the small roller uses to carry out the smoothing operation on the capsule can be varied by the pressure which is controlled by a completely automated proportional solenoid valve.
Furthermore, differently from the standard rolling heads, this particular form of leverage allows the head to operate with any revolutions without affecting the rolling quality.
According to the type of capsule, the shape of the bottleneck base or the machine speed, PLC manages autonomously and constantly the optimal rolling conditions therefore achieving the best possible results in all working conditions.
Furthermore, with this particular system, the machine preparation time is diminished as it is not necessary to calibrate each head, it is sufficient to enter the required data from the control panel.
This device can be applied to any rolling machine.