The new capsulating machine, PRISMA 160 R Transporter, which is able to ensure a production of 14,000 bottles an hour, has been installed and tested in the Real Companhia Velha wine cellars in Portugal. The need to work with pre-labelled bottles has brought us to the design and realisation of a special conveyor equipped with mobile vanes that guide the bottles through the distribution and insertion in the turret, without ruining the label.
At the machine’s entrance there is a star that, thanks to mechanical synchronisation, has multiple functions:
it accumulates the bottles on the way in;
it separates the bottles and puts them on the conveyor;
it blocks bottle-flow in case the machine stops due to accumulation on the way out.
After the subsequent checks on bottle separation, lid check, capsule distribution via universal glasses and check that the latter is correctly inserted, a universal star takes the bottle from the conveyor and puts it in the turret equipped with 16 pneumatic rolling heads.
The turret is also equipped with a central star with universal compartments that can be regulated, according to the diameter of the bottle to be worked, by simply rotating a numbered ring nut. Despite the numerous bottle sizes that must be worked by the client, the machine’s general set up is extremely fast and simple thanks to the numerous flexible systems that Nortan regularly and constantly develops according to their clients’ needs.