To centre the capsule with the smoothing head, the bottle is rotated around its axis so that the centring photocell detects the position for the reference mark and indicates this to the management card which stops the bottle in the correct position.
During the rotation, if the capsule is not aligned correctly with the bottle, the photocell will not accurately detect the mark and therefore loses the position.
This problem does not occur with long sparkling capsules because they rest on the bottle shoulder and maintain the correct position; in the event that short sparkling capsules are used, the bottle shoulder can not be reached and consequently the capsules may not be aligned and positioned correctly.
To alleviate this problem Nortan has introduced an alignment capsule system; the head is made up of a pressure device that ensures the capsule adheres perfectly to the cage head and of a membrane that inflates, under the effect of the pneumatic pressure, and slightly squeezes the upper side of the capsule against the cage.
That allows the capsule not to lose its alignment with the bottle during the centring phase and therefore the bottle is correctly positioned for the subsequent smoothing operation.
Furthermore, to ensure the most accurate positioning, the head is equipped with an interchangeable placement device that is made according to the capsule used and which can be replaced easily and quickly thanks to a rapid hook release system.