For the Simei 2007 exhibition, Nortan wanted to give an innovative contribution even more incisive, able to solve the huge problems of the substitution of accessory and capsule groups whenever a format change is necessary during the production process, realizing a patented and unique system in the world.
These innovations eliminate all dead time within the production process as well as management expenses, thanks to a modular movement system that can regulate all the capsule formats and adapt them automatically to any type of bottle without changing the accessories and without the use of mechanical wrenches.
The universal stars present an absolute innovation because Nortan has focused all its studies in order to optimize the time of changing formats by eliminating it completely.
The new lever allows operation on any diameter of bottle – from the traditional 18.7 cl to the 1.5 l – and on conical bottles, always maintaining the axis of the bottle centred without any regulation or accessory replacement.
That way, we have created a unique machine able to use the level principle, even on the turret, solving the problem of centring the bottle axis as well as replacing the accessory groups to adapt different formats.
This device is available on any machine, both for the thermal shrinking model, the sparkling model and the rolling model.