Automatic wirehooding machine for placing and tying the metal cages for the sparkling wine bottles with a maximum production of 3,000 bottles per hour.
Its simplicity in construction and maintenance contribute to its practical use and its perfect functionality.
All moving parts of the wirehooding machine are driven by a mechanical system that guarantees both the continuous and safe operation of the machine and the automatic distribution of cages.
When cages are missing the machine is stopped automatically by the control systems and electronic commands.
The frame is completely coated from stainless steel, the machine is equipped with a gearmotor and inverter, electrical board and stainless steel safety guards.
You can operate with various bottle forms (1/2 half bottle, 0.75 standard bottle and 1.5 Magnum) with the simple replacement of the star and by adjusting the machine height regulator.
The automatic cage rack is also supplied.


  • Agraffa 108 with 1 head for a production of max 3.000 b/h
  • Agraffa 40 with 4 heads for a production of max 4.000 b/h
  • Agraffa 80 with 8 heads for a production of max 8.000 b/h
  • Agraffa 120 with 12 heads for a production of max 12.000 b/h