Unit for dispensing all types of capsules from PVC, Multi-rolled and sparkling wines at high speed. The model is represented by various working combinations, the thermal working with the roller or, sparkling working on two or three turrets, without the need to replace heads.

Made up of parts:

An automatic distributor for all types of capsules equipped with detector to control presence of the cage or bottle cap and a needle device to remove capsules
A gearmotor with inverter
A universal screw to fit different sizes of cylindrical and conical bottles.
Stars and conveyors for a single bottle type.
A PLC to manage the electronic parts
A photocell at the machine input to determine speed according to the arrival flow of the bottles
An anti-clogging photocell at output area
Frame completely coated from stainless steel
Safety guards made from stainless steel
Possible working combinations: thermal+roller, thermal+sparkling, roller+sparkling dependent on capsule type and production speed.

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  • PRISMA 4+4+4 with 4 heads for a production of max 4.000 b/h
  • PRISMA 6+6+6 with 6 heads for a production of max 6.000 b/h
  • PRISMA 8+8+8 with 8 heads for a production of max 8.000 b/h
  • PRISMA 12+12 with 12 heads for a production of max 12.000 b/h
  • PRISMA 16+16 with 16 heads for a production of max 16.000 b/h
  • PRISMA 20+24 with 24 heads for a production of max 24.000 b/h
  • PRISMA 24+30 with 30 heads for a production of max 35.000 b/h
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  • bottle neck drying device
  • Capsule dispensing control
  • New “international patented” universal stars for the bottle transportation without any need of regulation and suitable for any diameter and conic shape.
  • The “international patented” new glass suitable for any capsule dimension.
  • New pneumatic pressure rolling head.
  • Stacked rack with capacity for 10,000 capsules.
  • Linear conveyor belt ejecting bottles without capsules
  • Electronic device to centre the words between the folds.
  • Automated lifting with additional recall option for a specific bottle by selecting it from the video library.
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