Automatic distributors for the dispensing, application and folding of advertising cards suitable for bottling lines for medium to large productions, equipped with a frame completely coated in stainless steel, with the following:

An Archimedean screw to fit a wide of bottles without changes
A photocell at the machine input to determine speed according to the arrival flow of the bottles.
An anti-clogging photocell at output area.
A gearmotor with inverter.
An electrical board made from stainless steel.
Safety guards made from stainless steel.
A mobile cup drum
A PLC to manage the electronic parts
Large capacity rack

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  • MULTICAP 50 for 4 cups for a production of max. 4.000 bottles per hour
  • MULTICAP 75 for 6 cups for a production of max. 8.000 bottles per hour
  • MULTICAP 120 for 8 cups for a production of max. 12.000 bottles per hour
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  • Automated lifting with additional recall option for a specific bottle by selecting it from the video library.
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Multicap 120 collaretes

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