Automatic mono-glass distributor suitable for thermal shrinking capsules made from multi-rolled, tin or for sparkling for minimum production of 900 bottle or maximum 3,000 bottles per hour. Very simple in its mechanical design and maintenance because all the moving mechanical parts are mounted on tight bearings. Frame completely coated from stainless steel equipped with one star for a single type of bottle, a gearmotor with inverter, electrical board and safety guards made from stainless steel, PLC. Everything protected and with ease of access.

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  • A screw for one bottle type
  • Detector to check the presence of the cap in the bottle
  • Bottle neck drying device
  • Capsule dispensing control
  • The “international patented” new glass suitable for any capsule dimension.
  • New pneumatic pressure rolling head.
  • Sparkling head from sparkling capsule (max production of 2,000 b/h)
  • An electronic device to centre the words between the sparkling capsule folds
  • A mechanical device to centre the words between the folds of short sparkling capsules
  • A mechanical and electronic device to centre the capsule with the bottle mark.
  • Thermal head for thermal shrinking capsules, absorbed power 1,500 Watt (max production of 3,000 b/h)
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Unicap 35

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