Automatic wirehooding machine for placing and tying the metal cages for the sparkling wine bottles. It is made of a rotating turret with 4,6,8,12,16,20 heads for placing and tying. It is equipped with the following:

3.500 cage rack
Gearmotor with inverter
A PLC to manage the electronic parts
A photocell at the machine input to determine speed according to the arrival flow of the bottles
An anti-clogging photocell at output area
Detector to control the cap presence
Detector to control the cage presence
Cage distribution control
Frame completely coated from stainless steel
Electrical board from stainless steel
Safety guards made from stainless steel.
You can operate with various bottle forms with the simple replacement of the star and by adjusting the machine height regulator.

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  • Minerva 40 with 4 heads for a production of max 4.000 b/h
  • Minerva 60 with 6 heads for a production of max 6.000 b/h
  • Minerva 80 with 8 heads for a production of max 8.000 b/h
  • Minerva 120 with 12 heads for a production of max 12.000 b/h
  • Minerva 160 with 16 heads for a production of max 16.000 b/h
  • Minerva 200 with 20 heads for a production of max 20.000 b/h
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  • New “international patented” universal stars for the bottle transportation without any need of regulation and suitable for any diameter and conic shape.
  • Linear conveyor belt ejecting bottles without cage.
  • Automated lifting with additional recall option for a specific bottle by selecting it from the video library.
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