At the Valentin Bianchi cellars, in San Rafael  – Argentina, the new machine named “Marka 120” has been installed and tested. The machine will apply a logo made of sealing wax onto the shoulder of the bottle.
This innovative machine, presently one-of the-kind, is designed to ensure a production of 7,000 bottles per hour.
Thanks to special hot sprayers, the machine applies a drop of melted sealing wax on the bottle surface and then marks it with a special punch.
The wax is melted in an oven and then sprayed onto the bottle with special spraying guns supplied by Preo s.r.l. of Milano, a leading company in the gluing industry (
Initially, the already labelled bottle is positioned in a way that the wax is deposited in a specific position with regards to the label. Thanks to a mechanical movement, the spraying guns follow the bottle for a certain tract so that they have enough time to spray the bottle in the correct position. In the following and final phase, the drop, still soft, is marked by a punch with the customer’s logo.
This machine even extends Nortan’s large range, which can meet the most demanding customers’ needs, and also provides a technologically advanced and innovative product.
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Marka 120

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