The new Prisma 8+8 CC+S has been installed and tested at the CAVES ST. REMY-DESOM s.a r.l. wine cellars in Remich – Luxemburg. This one-of-a-kind machine, which follows a previous machine installed in Italy, is able to position and smooth out the capsules on bottles of spumante while the eyelet to open the cage remains visible.

Conceived, designed and made by the innovative Technical Staff of Nortan, the machine is able to produce 5000 bottles per hour and granting the customer with considerable savings, since before they had to place the capsule manually, wasting time and personnel.
A conveyor device moved by a chain system collects the capsule from the distributor and moves it to the turret. Now, by means of a servo mechanism, the capsule is collected by a special head that orientates the capsule by means of visual sensors. After, the head prepares a slit where the eyelet is going to be inserted and finally rests the capsule on the bottle. The eyelet, slightly inclined outwards, passes through a slit and keeps its position outside the capsule.
The bottle is moved to the second turret by means of a star where the capsule is centered and smoothened.
Once again, Nortan has extended its range of products to meet the needs of its customers, thanks to machines that are designed in accordance with the latest technology.