PRISMA 16+16+16 CS

The new Prisma 16+16+16 CS has been successfully installed and tested at the Laurent Perrier Wine Cellar in Tours Sur Marne, in France, with a production capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour.

The machine was ordered for its specific feature of smoothing and positioning capsules on spumante bottles, in line with the cage eye so that it is at 90° with respect to the logo printed on the capsule.

After extensive research by the Nortan technical office into the various solutions, the best one was finally submitted to the client for their approval before passing onto production.

The first turret has 16 workstations, each one comprising two centring units and the first an OMRON visual sensor and the second a Datasensor UV photocell.

The vacuum system on the centring head lifts the capsule off the bottle so that the cage eye is clearly visible, enabling the camera to identify the position, the bottle is then orientated while the centring head positions the capsule. When the bottle and capsule are correctly orientated, the capsule is placed on the bottle and a deformable bulb presses it lightly to avoid movements during its passage to the smoothing turret.

The bottle, with the capsule positioned with the cage eye, is carried to the second turret where it is orientated so that the logo on the capsule is centred between the folds. A pincer star picks the bottle and places it on the third turret where the capsule finally smoothed.

The machine is equipped with a star expulsion and vacuum picking system, which expels any bottles without cork or cage and places them on the recovery conveyor belt.

This cutting edge machine is equipped with the latest most innovative solutions and is yet further proof of Nortan’s ability to constantly extend its product range, to respond to the varying specific needs of its clients for highly efficient and precise machinery.

The Nortan guiding philosophy has always been to consider each new machine as a challenge projected towards the future, learning from the experience and building new strategies to apply to the new products so that they are always one step ahead of the times.